Mehran Tizkar



Born in Iran

Ph.D. in Art and Literature, art philosophy from Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Potsdam, Germany

Since 1987 active as Film and Theatre-maker, writer, photograph, Mixed media-, New media-, Video-, Performance- and Installation-artist

Professional Artistic

2005-Qualification course for graphic, image processing, multimedia & web Design, at project and work, Berlin, Germany

1999- Scholarship for puppet theatres at L' institute international de la puppet, Charleville Meziere, France

1991- 93- Trained in photography and filmmaking at the Young Cinema (centre for training in film und photography) in Tehran, Iran

Professional Experience

2018- Publication of the book "There is nothing to say" by the publisher Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, Germany

2014- Publication of the book "The said and the unsaid" by the publisher Dr. Kovac, Hamburg, Germany

2013- Publication of the essay "from performance to performance" in the Book of Association of directors of Theatre Forum, Tehran

2004- Theatre performance "Story of parrot" in the workshop of the cultures, Berlin, Germany

2005- Theatre performance "Story of zoo" by Edward Albee in the theatre house centre, Berlin, Germany

2004, 05- Premiere "A film about believing" and the death of the colour in bread factory cinema, Berlin, Germany

2003,04,05- Production of three films: The search, The death of the colour and A film about believing as director and script author, Berlin, Germany

2001, 2003- As director & author, Theatre festival Cologne & Shade worlds Berlin, Germany

2000, 02- Book publication of the play "Arash and turanian witches", Tehran, Iran

2000- As director at Theatre festivals in France & Teheran, Iran

1998- Member of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA) and ITI

1998- As director & author at the puppet theatre festival Lutke, Slovenia

1997- As director & author at The Fadjr internationally Theatre festival, Teheran, Iran

1996- Establishment of the group of artists "Mandragora" in Tehran, Iran

1993-1995- Director assistant by Aftab Theatre Workshop co. Iran

1988,89,90- Prices for the best film, the best photo and the best film edit in Film & photo festival of the association for The young cinema Iran

1987-1993- Production of four short films as director and script author, Iran



2018-"The lost faith", Mixed media, curated by Raul Zamudio in the Group Exhibition "Everything and Nothing" in The Empty Circle, New York, USA, G

2018- "The lost identity", Mixed media, curated by Raul Zamudio and Juan Puntes with Peter Wayne Lewis, in the Group Exhibition "WHITE ANXIETIES" in WhiteBox gallery, New York, USA, G

2016- "The lost faith", Mixed media, curated by Raul Zamudio, in the Group Exhibition "The Enemy Within" in AREA LUGAR DE PROYECTOS, Puerto Rico, USA, G

2015- Videokunst “Suffering” in Sundsvalls Konstförening Sjögatan sju, Sweden, G

2014- Suffering, video art, curated by Alysse Stepanian, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden, G

2013- A paradigm shift, curated by Uta Koch-Götze, Kunsthalle Brennabor, Germany, G

2013- Suffering, video art, in: Museo Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico and in: Digital Art Festival Fondland, Coimbra, Portugal, G

2011- Suffering, video art, in: The end of dream, curated by Nicole Loeser, MicaMoca project berlin e.V. and WHITECONCEPTS, Berlin, Germany, G

2011- Her hair, video art and 8 Parasdises series and After the execution installation, in: The Third Eye, curated by Raul Zamudio, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China, G

2010- After the execution installation and The lost series, in: Twice is too much, curated by Shaheen Merali in Free Museum, Berlin, Germany, G

2010- The Hair Art project (video art, mixed media) in Gallery Futura, Berlin, Germany, S

2010- Tuba, mixed media, exhibition in the Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York, USA, G

2010- Tuba, mixed media, exhibition in Women Museum, Bonn, Germany, G

2009- Tuba, mixed media, exhibition in Victoria & Albert Museum London, UK, as finalist for Freedom to Create Prize, G

2009- 1001 night, mixed media, exhibition in the WhiteBox Gallery, Munich, Germany, G

2009- Suffering, Video art, in the gallery Artneuland, Berlin, Germany, G

2008- North, but not completely, Photography, exhibition in the gallery Futura, Berlin, Germany, S

2008- Tuba, mixed media, exhibition in the Futura Gallery, Berlin, , Germany, S

2007- Tuba, mixed media, exhibition in the Pergamon museum , Berlin, Germany (acquisition of series Tuba by the museum for its collection),S


Exhibition catalogue

2016- Exhibition catalogue "The Enemy Within", Área: lugar de proyectos, Puerto Rico, USA.

2015- Exhibition catalogue “Nietzsche was a Man”, City & Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland.

2013- Exhibition catalogue for "Nietzsche Was A Man", published by Ex Teresa Arte Actual del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), Mexico

2011- Exhibition catalogue The Third Eye, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010- Exhibition catalogue beRUF Kuenstlerin - ein Paradigmenwechsel, Frauenmuseum, Bonn,Germany.

2010- Exhibition catalogue Doppelausstellung: Berlin - Bonn 2010. Der globale Blick ist politisch, Galerie Futura, Berlin, Germany.

2009- Exhibition catalogue Freedom to Create Prize, Victor&Albert Museum, London, UK.

- Photo-project Tuba by Raha Rastifard and Mehran Tizkar at the Islamic Museum Berlin, report by rbb Kulturradio, April 2007. Manuela de Leonardis, Tuba, Berlino, Museo dell‘arte Islamica, in:, April 23, 2007.

Collections and Museums

Permanent Collection of the Islamic Museum, Berlin, Germany.

Different private collections.

(S) Solo exhibition
(G) Group exhibition